A purchase agreement with DTMH will not be binding until the customer has signed and returned the order confirmation that was submitted upon ordering. Work will be started when DTMH has received the signed order confirmation.

Unless otherwise stated in writing, all prices are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added in the invoice.

Terms of payment are 10 days net. If the submitted invoice is not settled in due time, we will charge 2% interest for each commenced month. If payment has not been effected, we shall initially send a reminder and charge interest and fees. If payment is still not effected, we shall send another reminder charging further interest and fees. If, hereafter, payment is still not effected we will, without further notice, commence legal proceedings to recover the claim.

We refer to the general conditions according to NL01, unless otherwise stated in our present general conditions. The delivery address is presumed to be identical with the invoicing address, unless otherwise stipulated.

All prices are exclusive of freight. However, we are ready to arrange transport; in that case the freight will be added to the invoiced price.

Liability – we prohibit machine start-up before it has been approved by the Working Environment Authority and any other relevant authorities. Any alteration that may be a prerequisite for approval shall be made at the buyer’s account. We make reservations for misprints and technical errors on our website.

We make reservations for any changes in fees and for force majeure, including work conflicts and shortcomings in or delay of deliveries from sub-suppliers. DTMH shall not in any respect be held responsible for consequential damage or other, direct or indirect, loss.

Special conditions: 
The goods are purchased as seen and demonstrated.

Delivery outside Denmark: 
Delivery to other countries is subject to advance payment.